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Movie Theatre Rendering

Groundbreaking Event Starts Construction Progress.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to the ground breaking ceremony. We appreciate the great community support on such short notice.

Ground Breaking at First and Main

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who supported the cinema re-zoning and to the members of the Blacksburg Town Council for the outstanding 7-0 affirmative vote! June 11, 2013 was a great night!

Pending Approval for First and Main Zoning

How You Can Help!

The construction of the proposed theatre will not happen without your help. Contact the members of the Blacksburg Town Council and the members of the Blacksburg Planning Commission and ask them to grant our requested zoning changes. Please check in again soon!

Revised Proffers (May 17, 2013)

Following several meetings with the residents of Kennedy Avenue, the developer has revised their proffer amendment to include the following:

Amended Proffer 1(d): At the request of the Kennedy Avenue residents, the amendment creates the concept of the "Limited Access Aisle" with speed bumps. The alley, when fully constructed, will be one-way with the exit at King Street.

Amended Proffer 1(d): At the request of the Kennedy Avenue residents, we changed the allowable trash pick up time from 7:00 a.m.m to 8:00 a.m.

Amended Proffer 1(g): At the request of the Kennedy Avenue residents, we changed the langauge regarding the potential height of the theater buidling from the maximum allowed in the "General Commercial District" to limit the height to 60 feet.

New Proffer 1(I): At the request of the Kennedy Avenue residents, we added a proffer for HVAC Noise Control Measures that includes the requirement that noise reduction, noise dampening, or sound proofing techniques including sound fencing or other recognized HVAC sound control measures will be used.

New Proffer 1(j): At the request of the Kennedy Avenue residents, we added a proffer for the Lighting on the side of the building facing Kennedy Avenue and restricted the lighting to the minimum required by Code or regulation.

New Proffer 1(k): We added a new proffer creating a structured serioes of " Periodic Neighborhood Meetings" with the folks on Kennedy Avenue. Our hope is that we establishing a more formal communication forum with our neighbors so to avoid their frustrations created by the previous owners.

New Proffer 1(l): To formalize our intention to build a theater and settle questions of some about whether a theater was being constructed, we added a new proffer that a cinema will be constructed on the pad marked "THEATER" on the exhibit.

New Proffer 1(m): At the request of the Kennedy Avenue residents, we added a new proffer for Noise Abatement and Line of Sight issues. After attempting to develop a process to help the Kennedy Avenue Properties work toward the best solution, we decided that what they really want is specificity so the developer will provide a credit of $2,500 for each property owner adjacent to the center for noise abatement and line of sight issues.

New Proffer 1(n): At the request of one of the Kennedy Avenue residents, we added a proffer that the developer the construct an addition to the north end of the perimeter fence to attempt to stop people for walking around the fence through Kennedy Avenue Properties to access and egress the center.

New Proffer 1(o): We added a proffer that the carports can be removed when the Proffer 1(m) is completed.

Please contact us if you have any questions and join the email registery for updates.

The May 9, 2006 Rezoning

The First & Main Center is a mixed used lifestyle shopping center located along South Main Street in Blacksburg, Virginia. The development resulted from the combination of several individual parcels eventually purchased by the original developer, Fairmount Property, LLC of Cleveland, Ohio. Since some of the parcels did not abut Main Street and were not included in the Town of Blacksburg’s “ General Commercial District ” zoning classification, when Fairmount Property, LLC required rezoning of the land prior to the purchase of the land. On May 9, 2006, the Town Council of Blacksburg adopted Ordinance 1412 and rezoned the entire set of parcels to the “General Commercial” classification and accepted several proffers from the owners of the land as part of the rezoning ordinance.

Original Rezoning and Existing Proffer Statement

In approving the zoning change the Town Council of Blacksburg accepted several proffers of the owner restricting the use of the property and creating obligations of the landowner regarding certain aspects of the property. Many of these proffers involved restrictions related to the portion of the proposed center adjacent to Kennedy Avenue (such as the perimeter fence, a landscaped buffer area, a multi-use path (The Huckleberry Trail connection), and vehicular restrictions behind the buildings. Many of these restrictions effect the first 100 feet behind the Kennedy Avenue Properties (as identified in the Proffer Plan).

Changes Requested To Build The Cinema

Since announcing the Frank Theatre Cinebowl IMAX in January we have worked with the theatre company's architect to design the new cinema in a manner that meets the existing restrictions in the proffers as closely as possible. After considering multiple designs and several locations on the south end of First and Main, the location of the proposed cinema was placed on the theatre pad prepared by the previous owners. Our proposed theatre is larger and taller than their original concept. While the location of the cinema honors the previous owners' site plans, we cannot construct the theatre on this site without changing two of the proffers: the Vehicular Traffic Restriction and the Height Restriction.

(1) Requested Changes to the Vehicular Traffic Restriction

The size of the footprint of the proposed theatre slightly exceeds the size of the footprint pad of the previous owners. For this reason we have requested a slight change to the vehicular traffic restriction. We have requested that the following language which is marked through be deleted from the proffer:

1d.         Vehicular Traffic Restriction Behind Buildings. Limitations on Pickups and Deliveries Developer shall not develop or allow any vehicular parking or driveways between the exterior wall of the first building or buildings facing the Kennedy Avenue Properties’ rear lot line and the buffer yard referenced in b., above, except for the limited access paved alleyway required for fire and emergency access (as depicted in the Proffer Plan). This access alleyway shall also be accessible for tenant move-in and move-out, but shall not be used by motorized vehicles for regular deliveries or trash pick- up to these buildings, which shall be limited to the masonry walled service courtyard referenced in f. below. The entrance to the walled service courtyard by motorized vehicles shall be located past the northern end of the Kennedy Avenue Properties, and motorized vehicle access to the entrance shall be limited to the access road or alley coming form the north, and not via the portion of the access alleyway behind the Kennedy Avenue Properties. Developer shall require all tenant leases and contracts with refuse removal services to prohibit commercial deliveries and picks-ups from the service courtyard behind the Kennedy Avenue Properties, including trash pick-up, before seven (7) a.m. and after nine (9) p.m. (except for tenant move-in and move-outs).

Diagram of Requested Vehiclar Traffic Restriction Change

(2) Requested Changes to the Building Height Limitation

In the original proffers, careful consideration was given to the height of the buildings in the second one houndred feet area adjacent to the Kennedy Avenue properties. The diagram below shows (a) the grade line elevation referenced in the proffer below (2131 ft.), (b) the maximum height allowed under the existing proffer (2151 ft.), and (c) the height of the proposed building (2156.5 ft.). We have requested the elimination of the height restriction and the enforcement of the height restriction in the general commercial district (60 ft.).

Building Height Limitation Change Drawing

We have requested the following change:

1g.          Limitation on Building Height. Developer shall limit all buildings in the next 100’ behind the Kennedy Avenue Properties to a maximum building height allowed in the General Commercial zoning district. that not exceed either: (1) an elevation of 2148’; or (2) twenty feet (20’) above the existing grade at the property line along the Kennedy Avenue Properties as depicted on the Proffer Plan.

We filed our application on April 1, 2013 and we would appreciate your support of our requested changes to the existing proffers.

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